We Help Businesses Integrate AI Solutions to Make More Money!

AI Automation Agency

How we work

Unlock the maximum potential of your online business. Let’s build not just a website, but a digital powerhouse designed to amplify your profits.

We provide clients with a full digital strategy, using the latest in AI Automations, web design and lead generation technologies. Optimise and automate the effectiveness of your online sales funnel from start to finish. Not just a website, but a fully integrated system designed to make you more money. 

Ad Optimisation

We're experts in Social Media & Search Engine advertising and cold outreach. Acquiring new leads is the bread and butter of every business, we're here to supercharge the process.

Web design & Funnel Building

You may have a website, but is it a well oiled sales machine built to make money? We're here to fine tune, test and maximise the output in a measurable and profit driven way.

Automate it all with AI

You're getting leads, they're turning hot, now it's time to automate the entire process using AI. Reduce the time you spend organising leads and focus on delivering value.

AI Use Cases

How AI Technologies can help your business

Automated Customer Service Agent

We train a custom AI model on every bit of data about your products and services, enabling to answer customer questions like a human, even recommending products.

Staff Training

We can train a custom AI Model on your staff training processes, giving new hires a point of contact they can ask questions to, freeing up more of mananagers time.

AI Video Generators

Whether you use them for sales, marketing or even training, making videos is a time intensive and costly process. Not anymore with the power of artificial intelligence.


AI Persona

We can train an AI model on every piece of content you've ever produced. Giving it the power to chat with your customers exactly like you would, freeing up your time to focus on what's important.

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About Winter Marketing

Born in North East England in 2017, Winter Marketing has grown into an International marketing agency. Helping brands gain exposure to their future customers is what we do best. With the recent rise of AI productivity tools, our clients frequently ask about how we can help integrate AI into their business. And we’ve seen amazing results so far by doing just that. We’ve streamlined customer support, automated sales training processes and much more, all while minimising the level of human input, therefore saving you time and most importantly, money.

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Client Testimonials

“Helped place our press release on 22 relevant news websites. Way more than expected, we could not of done it without them. Thank you.”
REM Loyalty
“Made my online store for me in less than 1 week. Helped me set up Facebook ads and I now generate around £20,000 per month.” https://www.jandsteakfurniture.com/
Jordan Smith - J&S Teak
“Developed my app on both iOS and Android. Took around 3 weeks from our first consultation to launched on both app stores! We were quoted $15,000 by one company, Winter Marketing did it for under $4000!”
Diner Dice Ltd